Your Local Committee

General Enquiries


Officers (8):

President Fabian Schuppert
Vice-President Alan Harpur
Honorary Secretary Véronique Altglas
Secretary for Local Issues Brian Kelly
Honorary Treasurer Michael Pierse
Membership Secretary Merav Amir
Assistant Secretary Ioannis Tsioulakis
Equality Leonie  Hannan


Constituency representatives (8):

Arts Humanities & Social Sciences Sean O’Connell
Engineering & Physical Science Gasser Abdelal
Medicine, Health and life Science Siobhan McCullough
Administration staff Keith Halliday
Library staff Diarmuid Kennedy
Computing staff Eyad Abu-Khiran
Fixed–term Research staff vacant
Casual, Hourly Paid and
Fixed-term employees
Gordon Ramsey



National Executive Committee Renee Prendergast


General members (4):

General Member
Paul Hudson
General Member
Gerry Cleary
General Member
John Pinkerton
General Member
Rossella Ciccia


Co-opted members (5):

Co-Opted Member  Des O’Rawe
Co-Opted Member  Jelena Vlajic
Co-Opted Member  Morris Brodie
Co-Opted Member  John Power
Co-Opted Member  vacant


For a list of the School and Unit Reps see the Unit Reps page.