Your Local Committee

General Enquiries


Officers (8):

President Fabian Schuppert
Vice-President Alan Harpur
Honorary Secretary Tristan Sturm
Secretary for Local Issues Véronique Altglas
Honorary Treasurer Rob Giles
Membership Secretary Merav Amir / William Megarry
Assistant Secretary Michael Pierse
Equality Leonie Hannan
Anti-Casualisation Jim Donaghey


Constituency representatives (8):

Arts Humanities & Social Sciences Sean O’Connell
Engineering & Physical Science Gasser Abdelal
Medicine, Health and life Science John Power
Administration staff Keith Halliday
Library staff Diarmuid Kennedy
Fixed–term Research staff vacant
Casual, Hourly Paid and
Fixed-term employees
Gordon Ramsey



National Executive Committee Renee Prendergast


General members (4):

General Member
Paul Hudson
General Member
Morris Brodie
General Member
Deirdre Lynskey
General Member
Rossella Ciccia


Co-opted members (5):

Co-Opted Member Gerry Cleary
Co-Opted Member Ioannis Tsoulakis
Co-Opted Member Brian Kelly
Co-Opted Member Marie Coleman