Unit Reps

Academic related

Library and Computing: Vacant
Professional Services
Keith Halliday

Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty rep: Sean O’Connell

Anthropology: Ioannis Tsioulakis
Creative Arts:
Cahal McLaughlin
Caroline Linse
English: Michael Pierse
History: Marie Coleman
Rachel Killean
Management: Jelena Vlajic
Modern Languages: Greg Toner
Keith Breen
Social sciences
: Cate McNamee


Engineering and Physical Science

Faculty rep: Vacant

Archeology: Dirk Brandherm
Agustina Martire
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering:
Joe Vyle 
Electronics and Computer Sciences: Vacant
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Aoife Foley 
Geography: Oliver Dunnett
Mathematics and Physics:
Teresa Cotton
Civil Engineering and Planning:
Wes Flannery
: Will Curran


Medicine Health and Life Science

Faculty rep: Vacant

Nursing and Midwifery: Vacant
Biological Sciences
: Keith Farnsworth