Teaching at QUB? Know Your Rights

As of June 2018, new policy on teaching and teaching-related duties applies across the University. The below will apply to most TAs and PGTAs (if you have an issue, refer to the full guidance document or ask us: ucu-officers@qub.ac.uk).


  • You should have your contract before you start working.
  • All expectations and duties should be made explicit at point of contracting.
  • Your hours and time commitment should be set out as far in advance as is practicable.
  • You should not be asked  to undertake duties outside of your contract.


  • You should have access to printing facilities and locker space, hot-desking facilities where possible, and access to a regular space for office hours.

Pay Rates

  • You should be told in advance about the regular scheduling of payments (including marking).
  • All work you do, whether preparation, marking, delivery etc., is all accounted for explicitly and on an hourly basis. The pay rates in the academic year of 2021/22 are £17.83 per hour AC2/Band B, £14.95 per hour AC1/Band A.

The figures below are a guideline based on the disaggregated pay rates:

  • Lectures (1 hour) = £71.32 (repeat in same week = £26.75)
  • Seminars, Tutorial or Oral classes (1 hour) = £53.49 (1st repeat  = £26.75, further repeats = £17.83)
  • Lab supervision and demonstrating = £22.43 or £29.90 per hour (dependent on level of preparation).
  • Field Trip Assistance = £14.95 per hour inclusive of travel time
  • Office hours = £7.47 per seminar group per week

The full policy guidance document is available at the QUB Human Resources web page or via our website – www.ucuqub.org