Membership details

Check your personal details online, and update them if necessary.

Log-in using your membership number and password.

For assistance you can contact our Membership Secretary.



UCU provides Individual guidance and support on personal cases and on employment related issues.

If you need support regarding your personal circumstances please contact our Secretary for Local Issues. The UCU Committee at QUB is launching a Hardship Fund for local members.


Unit reps

You can contact the UCU representative for your unit on unit or school related issues. Check who your rep is on our Unit Reps page.


Become more involved

You can become more involved by joining any of the existing  workgroups on the following issues:

Please let us know if there are issues that are not covered by these workgroups that you want UCU to look into.
We will also be happy to hear if you want to set up a workgroup on any additional issues.


Additional information

For more information please check out the Membership page on the UCU Central webpage.