Fixed Term Contract Staff

Statutory Regulations for Staff on Fixed Term Contracts

The Labour Relations Agencey provides information on Fixed Term Regulations

Fixed-term regulations: requesting confirmation of permanence

If you have been on more than one contract and have been employed for at least four years you are entitled to request a permanent contract. See advice, including  a model letter.

Improved conditions of service gained by AUT/UCU in the last few years:

  1. In 2005 we secured a major pay rise as a result of regrading.  The minimum salary from 1 October 2008 is £24,877.  Any post requiring a PhD must be graded Academic 2 (minimum £29,704).
  2. Researchers move onto Academic 2 pay scale (minimum £29,704) in 3 years if they have a PhD and are working at that level.  Appropriate training must be provided.
  3. When first appointed you have a period of probation during which your immediate development needs must be addressed.  Later, non-judgemental appraisal should discuss your career development and further training needs.
  4. The main conditions of service for Contract Research Staff are set out in QUB’s “Code of Practice for the Employment of Contract Research Staff”.  Provisions for leave, maternity leave and sick leave, pensions, access to facilities, training courses, etc. should be in line with those for established staff .  At national level there has been an agreement between AUT and Universities UK on Fixed-Term and Casual Employment, Guidance for Higher Education Institutions.
  5. As you approach the end of your contract, your Head of School must arrange a meeting to discuss your future with you.  You have the right to be accompanied to this meeting by a union officer and you must be given the outcome in writing.  If they decide to apply for a new contract with you as a named researcher, it must be with a progression in salary.
  6. QUB now has bridging funds to fill small gaps between research contracts.
  7. If a new contract has not been secured for you by three months before the end of your present contract, you must be considered for redeployment anywhere in the University.
  8. If at the end of your contract you are to be made redundant, you can appeal.  You have the right to be accompanied to the appeal hearing by a union officer.  If you have to leave, QUB has a redundancy pay scheme which is the best in the UK.
  9. Anyone with 4 years continuous service on fixed-term contracts is to be considered permanent unless there is a stated and accepted objective justification.  If your contract is not made permanent, you can appeal.
  10. You are eligible to be recommended for accelerated increments or discretionary pay for exceptional performance.  If you match the promotion profile, you can apply for promotion.
  11. If a researcher ends up doing as much teaching and administration as a Lecturer, they are eligible to be recommended for translation to a Lecturer contract.

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